The woods co-op Raw 30ml. 1500mg

New 30ml 1500mg Raw Oil. Now even higher quality, due to a combination of supercritical and subcritical extraction. This creates a superior quality end product to a supercritical only extraction, by drawing out more of the trichomes, essential terpenes, chlorophyll and omegas. The two oils (supercritical and subcritical from the same plant material) are then homogenised into one, which creates an amalgamated oil. We call this the “CO2 Total Extraction Process”.

This oil is completely raw - it contains no additives, other than a carrier oil blend (coconut MCT oil c8) to help make it less viscous and easier to consume. The woods co-op  RAW CBD Oil has not been decarboxylated, which means it is just as nature intended. All cannabinoids are intact (at their naturally occurring ratios) and our oil offers a higher incidence of terpenes/phytonutrients, minerals and amino acids than other products.

Raw oils may suit someone who is using a raw diet, or individuals who simply like to keep everything as close to natural state as possible. The woods co-op RAW CBD Oil can be used by everyone but is more suited for people with anxiety, stress, depression epilepsy and mild pain relief.

The woods co-op Raw 30ml. 1500mg


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