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Raw Chocolate Company Supreme Foods - Goji Berries 150g

It took The Raw Chocolate Company 5 years to find the perfect source of organic Goji berries! Their flavour is a cross between cranberries and dried cherries. You can eat these Goji berries straight from this 150g pouch or soak before blending.

Rather than being picked from the tree in China, these Goji berries have been harvested by being shaken from the tree - so only those that are ripe and ready are selected. They are then preserved by drying naturally and slowly in the shade. 

These organic Goji berries are packed with vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin A and iron - all essential and benefical parts of our diet.

As with the other yummy goodies from The Raw Chocolate Company, this is vegan-friendly, dairy-free, organic and a great introduction to the benefits of raw food. 

  • Sustainably harvested in China
  • Can be eaten straight from the packet
  • Organic 
  • Vegan, cane sugar free, soy free, gluten free, dairy free
  • Kosher
  • Nut allergy advice: Made in a factory that also handles almonds, hazelnuts and cashew nuts, which has not been tested for nut contamination. 

The Raw Chocolate Company really love chocolate, the planet and everything living on it. That’s why they produce yummy raw chocolate treats that are dairy free, gluten free, with organic and Fairtrade ingredients and no preservatives! Raw ingredients are never heated above 42 degrees Celsius, which means less energy is required for their preparation, especially when combined with traditional methods such as sun-drying. Cacao powder, butter and nibs are treated with non-toxic formulae. They have exceptionally high standards for their ingredients – it took them 5 years to find just the right source of organic Goji berry! From their soil association certified ingredients, to using recycles paper with vegetable-based inks for their packaging, everything the Raw Chocolate Company does it to have a positive impact on our planet, and with exceptionally delicious results!

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