One life vitality tonic.

Vitality is the spice of life! If you feel the need for a little restorative therapy or just require a quick refresher, then One Life Foods® Vitality Tonic might be the drink or you. We’re not claiming miracles, but regular use of this gentle stimulating tonic should at the very least help to uplift and energise. Abundant in ancient adaptogenic herbs, One Life Foods® Vitality Tonic is a nutrient dense blend which nourishes your body and picks you up anytime of the day.

  • Contains Rhodiola which has been shown to reduce fatigue and exhaustion, especially for those suffering from long term stress and may support healthy energy metabolism and nerve function
  • With Panax Ginseng which is considered to be a tonic and restorative herb. Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to assist the body in times of stress, Panax Ginseng is the number one adaptogen - responds to the body’s needs and restores balance. There is also scientific evidence to suggest Panax may improve energy levels, as well as support mental and physical capacity during times of increased demand
  • Contains Cordyceps which has historically been used for its adaptogenic properties and may support endurance, healthy energy metabolism, exercise tolerance and oxygen utilisation
  • Contains Bioperine® for increased nutrient absorption
  • Non-GMO, dairy free, soya free and vegan friendly. 

    Natural Blueberry Flavour.

    Preparation Tip: One Life Foods® Vitality Tonic is best served cold, mixed with nut or oat milk. It can also be consumed hot. You can also use the powder to 'power-up' your protein or fruit smoothie. 

    One life vitality tonic.


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