The woods co-op zero thc cbd oil.

The woods co-op range offers the highest quality zero THC products on the market today. The raw extract is subjected to a post-extraction technique known as “Spinning band distillation”. This removes the THC and helps to yield the highest purity oil in the shortest possible time. The THC free oil is then analysed to ensure removal of the THC and to assess the remaining overall cannabinoids. To help balance any minor losses, some cannabinoids are then reintroduced in small amounts, to improve the profile. After this, chemovar specific terpenes are also added to make up for the loss of THC, and to improve the biological activity of the finished product.
The addition of terpenes helps to maintain the “Entourage effect”. The spectrum of effect of any given terpene may vary when in the presence of other compounds, and their therapeutic value may be key to developing the “perfect” THC free product.

This oil also has less of a hemp type taste so it would be best suited for those people that didn't like the full spectrum taste.


The woods co-op zero thc cbd oil.


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