• Naturya Chlorella is grown and harvested on a beautiful island in the South China Sea. It drinks from freshwater ponds, drawing water from deep in the ground, which is also carefully filtered to ensure purity.It soaks up natural sunlight while being gently mixed to ensure even distribution of newly formed chlorella cells. Secluded and protected by a dense surrounding forest, there is no risk of contamination from agricultural runoff.The plant is painstakingly sieved from the water with fine mesh screens, capturing the delicate chlorella cells, then hand-washed and fast-dried, to preserve maximum nutrients. The powder is then milled to break down the insoluble chlorella cell walls, which the human gut cannot break down. This vital process makes maximum nutrients accessible during digestion. with vitamins B12 & D to support the immune system.
  • High in protein●
  • Rich in iron to fight fatigue●
  • Organic, gluten-free, kosher and vegan●
  • Allergens: contains naturally occurring Sulphites

Naturya. Organic Chlorella powder. 200g


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