Marcels, Green soap All purpose cleaner. vegan friendly.


All Purpose Cleaner Orange & Jasmine


Watch out, once you begin...

The scent combination of our Orange & Jasmine all-purpose cleaner is formulated so that, once you start cleaning, you can’t stop. This is why it is called an all-purpose cleaner: it covers everything in your home. Kitchen sink, floor, bathroom and kitchen, everything becomes clean like never before and in addition: everything smells beautifully fresh again too!.

Nice and durable

Like all Marcel’s Green Soap products, Their All Purpose Cleaner contains no coloring agents, parabens, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia or acids. Full of natural ingredients, at least 97% biodegradable.

Orange & Jasmine

Jasmine has a mysterious, intoxicating perfume, and is also said to have a strong aphrodisiac effect. Orange adds some needed sobriety and freshness to this. After all, we are here to do the cleaning...

Marcels, Green soap All purpose cleaner. vegan friendly.


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