Innokin cool fire mini zenith D22 kit.

The Innokin Cool Fire Mini Zenith D22 Kit is a great device that not only allows you to adjust the wattage and voltage to your desires which can be up to 7.5 volts or up to 40 watts. It also has a range of safety features that minimise damage, leakages overheating.

The body of the kit not only feels and looks great but allows you to customise your vaping experience, much like the Zenith tank that is featured within the kit. The Zenith tank has a chimney design that comes with an automatic airhole shut-off when the tank is being refilled. The addition of the Plexus coil gives a sharper flavour due to the heat diffuser that also increases the coils life. So overall its a great vaping experiance.

Innokin cool fire mini zenith D22 kit.


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