Dynavap shadow m 2019.

The brand new Shadow ‘M’ is deployed for use straight from the DynaVap VapLab with the intent of providing the highest quality, durability possible. All parts of the Shadow 'M' are constructed from medical grade stainless steel to the exact dimensions of the original VapCap 'M' but now with darker finish made possible via a surface modification, The quality of this newest addition remains consistent with Dynavap's entire line of products with an additional robust durability. Alike all VapCaps, the Shadow 'M' arrives equipped with DynaVap's signature temperature indicating cap providing simplicity and efficiency for all.

The Shadow M is Powered by practically any external heat source, it delivers powerful and tasty hits from tiny amounts of herbs, instantly!

Built in 100% medical grade Stainless Steel, the Shadow M is a truly groundbreaking device- the first vaporizer that can be heated in seconds using anything from a torch lighter to a candle to a burning ember from the campfire.

Simply load a tiny amount of ground herbs into the Shadow M's tip, pop on Dynavap's signature temperature indicating cap, and heat it until you hear the "click"- then inhale for dense and full-flavoured vapour hits.

The size of a cigarette, the Shadow M is not only ingenious, it's more portable than any other vaporizer on Earth- and because it's capable of vaporizing the entire chamber in 1-2 hits, it's supremely stealthy too. Not just the perfect vaporizer for festivals and camping, the Shadow M is ideal for any traveller- even those whose furthest journey is to the kettle and back! No other herbal vaporizer offers such instant and powerful hits at such a reasonable price.

Dynavap shadow m 2019.


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